BBC Radio 1’s Dr Radha to explore the future of kindness during ACS Cobham event

Posted: 19th January 2022

ACS International School Cobham is inviting people to discover why kindness is critical to a sustainable future during its new event, ‘The world needs… Kindness warriors’, taking place on Wednesday 9th February, 7pm-8.20pm (GMT).

Headlining the evening are Dr Radha Modgil, a doctor, BBC Radio 1 presenter, author and wellbeing expert, and Dr Essam Daod, a professional psychiatrist and Co-Founder and Mental Health Director of Humanity Crew, a charity spearheading mental health support for refugees and children worldwide.

During her talk, Dr Radha will highlight the value of kindness and will share the tools and skills that we need to identify different issues and achieve good personal wellbeing, while also helping others. She will talk about the importance of taking care of young people’s health and wellbeing and why we must all pay attention to ourselves in today’s turbulent world.

Drawing on current global challenges, Dr Essam Daod will discuss how we can help to tackle the wider health issues that are brought to light by global crises and how, armed with this knowledge, we can ultimately create a better world for everyone.

Barnaby Sandow, Head of School, ACS Cobham, comments: “Every single day challenging situations and humanitarian crises pose a new threat to our planet and the wellbeing of those who live on it. Closer to home, research has shown that for three in five parents in the UK their children’s mental health is a major concern. Good health and wellbeing for all individuals around the world, young people in particular, is essential to a sustainable future.

“During ‘The world needs… Kindness warriors’, attendees will hear from true experts in both physical and mental health about the current challenges we are up against but also, importantly, what we can do to tackle them. I am a firm believer that small acts of kindness can have a huge impact for the wellbeing of those around us, as well as our own personal happiness, and it’s these every day initiatives and interventions that are critical to ensuring a happy and healthy future world.”

The world needs… Kindness warriors’ is the second event in ACS’s 2021-22 ‘What the World Needs’ series which focuses on building a sustainable future. Throughout the series of four compelling events, featuring expert and high-profile speakers, attendees will discover the skills and attributes people need to successfully contribute to the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Climate Action; Responsible Consumption; and Good Health and Wellbeing.

The world needs…Kindness warriors’, which focuses on SDG ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’ is a virtual event and will be hosted online via Zoom. Register for free via the following link:

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