About us

BSA Group’s mission is to support excellence in boarding, safeguarding, inclusion and health education. BSA Group delivers services for more than 1,600 organisations and individuals in 40 countries worldwide.

BSA Group is a trading name of The BSA Group Services Limited.

The BSA Guide to Boarding Schools is a dedicated website to provide information for families considering and searching for a boarding education. This website enables you to filter through a full catalogue of boarding school profiles depending on your needs, and outlines helpful information on boarding education, articles from leading heads, testimonials and much more.

The Guides, and their websites (ukbsa) / Service Schools) are owned by BSA Group which comprises BSA (Boarding Schools’ Association), BAISIS (British Association of Independent Schools with International Students), HIEDA (Health in Education Association), SACPA (Safeguarding and Child Protection Association) and TIOB (The Institute of Boarding). Also found within the group are SBF (State Boarding Forum) and BSA Legal Services Ltd, a subsidiary of BSA Group Services Ltd.

About Boarding

Boarding offers an immersive learning experience when surrounded 24/7 by peers and teachers who are dedicated to education and cultivates independence when living away from home. The boarding environment offers opportunities for students to take more responsibility for their own time, actions and decisions. Managing a busy weekly timetable with a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, arts, clubs, and leadership opportunities encourages excellent time management.

During your search for the right boarding school, you’ll come across dedicated pastoral and teaching staff who will nurture and encourage boarders to reach their full potential. Student wellbeing is at the heart of boarding and there are strong support systems in place to provide guidance, support and mentorship to students to help them navigate academic and personal challenges.

There’s also a huge amount of fun to be had in boarding and lifelong friendships to be made, often amongst student from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds. You’ll discover tight-knit communities in boarding and a camaraderie between houses like no other.

The Guide and the website is a celebration of boarding as much as it is a useful guide in steering your search.