Sixth Form Scholarships Programme Announced

Posted: 21st September 2021

 It is anticipated that the Scholarships, which will effectively give discounts worth up to £30,000 over the two-year course, following the school’s outstanding A Level results this summer (90% A*-A), will be highly sought after. 

The historic school, based between Sudbury and Haverhill, is equipped to support students individually. This leads to outstanding results, with students leaving to study the further education courses of their choice at some of the UK’s leading institutions. 

‘The Dovecote’, the school’s Sixth Form centre, has been designed to offer social and personal study space for its Year 12 and 13 pupils – a space where they flourish in the heart of the school. 

Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Charis Hunn-Smith said, “Our scholars achieve top GCSE grades and go through an assessment process at Stoke College that uncovers their potential for outstanding achievement at A Level and beyond. Our scholars are drawn from varied educational backgrounds and settle very quickly within our unique environment. Our students enjoy small class sizes – typically below 10 – underpinned by our whole-school ethos and nurturing environment provided by our expert teachers. Sixth Form scholars have exciting aspirations for their higher education and careers, whether they have already focussed on a particular pathway or are keeping their options open.” 

Applications for these prestigious scholarships are now open until 1st November. Stoke College will be holding an Open Evening on Wednesday 13th October from 5.30 – 8.30 pm or alternatively, the Principal, Dr Gareth Lloyd is available to meet families for private tours and discussions about their children’s future. 

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