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The BSA Guide

Are you considering a boarding school education for your child?

Our website covers all aspects of boarding education, including funding, selecting a school, academic success, co-curricular opportunities, schools that specialise in art, music or dance, schools for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and sixth-form choices. You will find information about the range of boarding school options – full, weekly, flexible – and the variety of schools – boys only, girls only and co-educational.

Each child and each family will be looking for something different in a boarding school and we aim to include information on the whole gamut of provision. Boarding Schools lead the world in the quality of education and pastoral care they provide. We hope our website, and Guide, are a useful and informative resource in steering your search.

Girls in Boarding

New for Spring 2024: Our Girls in Boarding supplement focusses on the options available to parents considering a boarding education for their daughters, whether it be in a girls-only or co-educational school. 

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