Choosing a Boarding School

Choosing the right boarding school for your child and family circumstances can feel daunting, especially when there are thousands of boarding schools across the world and more than 450 in the UK alone. It can feel particularly bewildering if you are new to the concept of boarding education or considering boarding schools for the first time, too.

That’s where the BSA Guide comes in.

As with attending any school, choosing to board is a personal decision for parents to make with their child – and with support and advice from their chosen school. Below are some considerations before you begin your search:

One size does not fit all
Whether it’s location, size, type, age range, learning programmes, speciality, extra-curricular activities or facilities – there is a boarding school to suit all. When it comes to it, there is no formula to follow when selecting the right school because just as every school is different, so is every child. What suits one child perfectly may be simply the wrong choice for another.

Do your research
For a child to truly flourish, it’s essential to do your research and visit different boarding schools in-person where possible to find the one that aligns best with your child’s ambitions, values, and educational needs.

A decision made together
Whatever you do as a parent in choosing a school, make sure you involve your child from the start, and make sure the final decision on whether to board, or between school A and school B is theirs.

Helpful resources

We’ve collated some helpful resources on areas such as what makes a good boarding school, school visit Q&A’s, specialist schools, inspections and much more.

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