The School was established in 1712 and has a rich naval heritage.  Whilst no longer a naval school, the traditional values of loyalty, commitment, courage, respect, service, and integrity remain to this day.

Headmaster, Simon Lockyer, explains:

“We inspire our pupils to have the courage and commitment to be ambitious for their futures, whichever path they choose. Everyone can achieve the most exceptional things, but we are all different. That is why we focus on the individual, getting to know every one of our pupils and finding out what motivates them.

We challenge pupils of all academic abilities, steering them to look beyond the moment, and beyond the confines of the classroom, and to approach life with an open and receptive mind. It is through thinking creativity and taking initiative that they learn to establish, and work towards, their own personal goals.

By understanding a young person’s strengths, we can help them to make the right choices at the right time, navigating them through their critical, formative years and ensuring that their education becomes the foundation for happiness and success.”

The school enhances the academic offering with a broad range of opportunities outside the classroom.  Set in 200 acres, the school has 96 acres of sports pitches and a sailing academy on the reservoir next to the school.  Pupils can choose from 200 different after school clubs to help them find their passion and build the all-important resilience which is essential in the modern world.