The Independent Schools Inspectorate rated Queen Anne’s School as ‘excellent’ for both academic achievements and personal development. The 2017 inspection found that ‘Queen Anne’s School pupils are educated to a high level in accordance with the school’s aim to promote excellence in all areas of education’.

Students will excel and achieve at the school through first-class teaching, education clinics, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care. The school delivers a high quality all-round education both inside and outside the classroom, together with a positive approach to learning that guides the girls to become ever more self-assured and prepared for life after school.

The most important elements of the school are the students and staff and what they achieve. “At Queen Anne’s this is our cornerstone: we are focusing increasingly on how to improve, extend and enrich our academic focus. We encourage our girls to aim high and achieve to the best of their ability, they are supported with our excellent teaching and monitoring programme which tracks their progress. Away from the classroom our programme of co-curricular continues to flourish; we are proud of the girls’ success on the sports field, their performance in music and drama, their creativity in the art studio and their achievements in so many areas” Headmistress, Julia Harrington.

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