At Orwell Park, boys and girls are given every opportunity to be the best they can be, both in and outside the classroom. High expectations, and learning strategies tailored to the individual child, lead to high levels of attainment.

Academic achievement and pastoral care are given top priority, alongside core values such as courtesy, personal responsibility and respect for others. Children are encouraged to take on challenges, to overcome setbacks and to see failure as part of the journey to success, to develop the resilience, initiative, flexibility, creativity and collaborative skills that will prepare them for the next stage of their education and later life.

At Orwell Park, pupils develop a balanced sense of themselves and a quiet confidence in their interactions with others.

The overarching value is Integrity, which we define as strength of character and strong moral principles and we aspire for this to underpin everything that we do.  We propose five core values, each with supplementary values.

  • Kindness: forgiveness, gentleness and empathy
  • Collaboration: inclusion, patience and community
  • Courage: perseverance, resilience, honesty and loyalty
  • Spirit: enthusiasm, joy, curiosity, gratitude, hope and reflection
  • Respect: courtesy, fairness and trust