Our approach is to support students to succeed as themselves, with the breadth and depth to succeed in life as well as in their academic tests. Our aim is to nurture our student’s talents, whatever they might be, with academic achievement the consequence of our approach rather than the object.

The UK Government’s latest Sixth Form league tables reveal Leighton Park to be the best performing School in Berkshire and in the top 14 boarding schools in the country. Our A Level students achieved 72% A*/A last year. The Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) have awarded Leighton Park a ‘double excellent’ standard, the highest possible attainment for an independent school, in recognition of both the quality of pupils’ personal development and the quality of their academic progress.

While the School offers a holistic curriculum, it is particularly well-known for its STEAM academic approach, which combines the analytical skills from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with the creativity from the Arts. It won the national Award for Excellence in STEAM Education in 2020.

Music is another particular strength of the School with a new Music and Media Centre providing students with exceptional facilities, including a Yamaha Live Lounge recording studio. Our Music department is accredited as a Flagship Music Education Partner, the only school in Europe to hold this status, with 50% of students studying an instrument and 27 music teachers on staff.