The King’s School has been educating young people for fourteen centuries. It has, however, always sought ways to enhance and modernise its provision. The School is currently midway through an impressive development plan which includes the recently opened Malthouse Campus which houses a 334 seat theatre in a renovated Victorian Malthouse and the new King’s International College. A state-of-the-art Science Centre in the heart of the School is set to open in 2021.

The School has a strongly academic curriculum that is continually adapting to encompass the ever changing demands of modern education. With almost all pupils going on to further education at leading universities in the UK and abroad, there is an emphasis on scholarly excellence. Through regular monitoring of academic progress, the school’s aim is to enable every individual to make the most of their abilities and to fulfil their potential.

The main school site is situated in the Precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a beautiful and inspiring backdrop to what has been described as ‘a university for young people’.

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