Frensham is so much more than a just a school – it is a way of life. From our founding days, everyone at Frensham is on a level playing field. When you come to Frensham, you can just relax and be yourself. We don’t behind titles or formal clothes and the children’s individuality isn’t hidden behind uniforms or false respect. Everyone is an equal, important and valued part of the community. Everyone is an individual.

And this continues in the classroom. We offer a unique and very broad curriculum up to the end of Year 9 with GCSE and A Level timetables created each year around individual choices. This all combines to allow each child follow their own path towards fulfilling their unique potential. Classes are small to allow topics and discussions to be modified and classrooms are non-competitive to allow the shyest to be bolder and the loudest to be more gentle. Children learn on the stage, on the climbing wall, in the countryside and the classrooms and our talented teachers work alongside them taking into account their individual needs and talents.

We aspire to help young people develop the right heart and mind to go out in the world and change things for the better.

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