A love of learning

Everyone’s life can be transformed by an inspirational teacher. And here at Brighton we have inspirational teachers in abundance. Ask any pupil when you visit what makes Brighton special and one of the first things they will say is: ‘our amazing teachers’. Their passion, commitment and kindness explains why Brighton College is now one of the highest performing schools in the world.

Over the past eight years our pupils have gone to some of the world’s finest universities:

137 to Cambridge; 89 to Oxford; 129 to Bristol; 66 to Leeds; 89 to Exeter; 113 to UCL

School of the Decade

Brighton College has been selected as United Kingdom Independent School of the Decade by The Sunday Times. This is the most prestigious award in UK secondary education.

The College was praised above all else for its culture of kindness which has made possible the remarkable academic success of the school. This has placed Brighton as the highest achieving co-educational school in England. And in a nice nod of appreciation for the Head Master, The Sunday Times writes:

“The Cairns touch is not far off legendary in independent school circles.”

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