The aim at Badminton School, as in all secondary schools, is to facilitate the girls’ access to the next step of their educational journey, but what is different is that the focus at Badminton remains on adopting and appreciating a holistic approach to learning; this really broadens the girls’ thinking and does not simply “fill them up” with knowledge.

The team of academic, pastoral and support staff work to inspire ideas and develop curiosity in the girls. They create opportunities to actually do things rather than just think about them; the girls are focused on actively engaging with their subject material through research projects and community work, rather than on the gathering of qualifications.

Our activity based approach means that from the moment you walk through Badminton’s gates, you are engulfed in its busy, buzzy and friendly atmosphere. It is wonderful to be a part of it and a privilege to capture the energy that the girls exude as they throw themselves into all they do. The broad range of activities, from forest school to ferromagnetic research or Art to archery, ensures that everyone can find something that interests or challenges them and helps to develop them into the person they want to be. Other than being curious, outward looking and confident, there is no “Badminton type”; each girl is unique and Badminton enjoys celebrating that.

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