At Abberley Hall School we strive to give our pupils the broadest possible curriculum that balances traditional academic rigour, for example through Classical Greek, French from Year 2, and separate sciences taught in an exciting and inspiring way, with modern, relevant and fun courses such as Touch-Typing, drama and STEM. At Abberley we believe that our children should leave with broad horizons – we equip them with the foundation and skills with which to engage confidently and positively with these.

Our boarding framework allows us more class time, starting at 8.30am and going on until 6pm four days a week, within which time we include, prep, independent learning and tutor sessions, on top of a full timetable of 13 different subjects. Your child works at school but not at home.

Our pupils are prepared for Common Entrance or Academic Scholarship exams in Year 8, with an outstanding track record on both fronts.

We are blessed to have the site which we do; we certainly make the most of it, with the children out and about at every opportunity, playing in their free time, doing games, which we do five days a week, or doing Outdoor Education, which they do on the other day. Drop in on a summer or early autumn evening and you will see the place teeming with children doing all sorts: cricket nets, bee-keeping, playing tag, digging holes, tennis, touch rugby, or lazing on the Flag Pole Lawn chatting to each other amidst the rhododendrons before bedtime. It is a strong reminder of why it is so good to be young.

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