Pangbourne College – A community where you can flourish


A well-rounded education which enables children to flourish mentally, physically and socially relies on the strength of a school’s co-curricular programme, as well as its academic provision. At Pangbourne, we offer plenty of opportunities for sport, art, music, drama and adventurous training. In particular, our ‘challenge curriculum’ reflects the values and ethos of the school, providing a range of opportunities for all, and giving pupils the chance to learn a set of useful skills.


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

At Pangbourne, all Year 9 pupils undertake the Bronze award, and many choose to go on to Silver in Year 11 and Gold in Year 12. The combination of volunteering, physical activities, skill-based challenges and expeditions give an all-round experience which is fun, rewarding and recognises a young person’s successful journey of self-discovery and development.

Combined Cadet Force

Our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a vital element of our challenge curriculum which is taken up in Year 10. It is based on a foundation of strong shared values, disciplined behaviour and selflessness towards others. Cadets develop effective communication skills and the ability to think clearly in complex situations, solve problems, and exercise good judgement and initiative.

Ceremonial Traditions

A key aspect of the ‘Pangbourne Experience’ is our ceremonial tradition of marching parades during our ‘College Sundays’. These take place 2-3 times a term and pupils wear the No. 1 uniform which echoes that of the Royal Navy. There are many reasons why we continue with this tradition and believe that it benefits our pupils.

Firstly, it teaches our pupils to take responsibility for themselves and those in their Division (House). They are responsible for their uniforms and for participating fully in parade practice. Next, it teaches them about leadership, sometimes leading from the front and at other times, showing younger pupils what they need to do. It also teaches them confidence, by putting on a performance and taking pride in it. Finally, it embodies some healthy competition between all of the Divisions!

Pangbourne College is an independent, co-educational day and boarding school for pupils aged 11-18 in West Berkshire. Thomas Garnier has been Head at Pangbourne College for more than 15 years, having previously been Head of Boarding at Abingdon School and an Officer in the Royal Navy.

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