Dauntsey’s Adventures (Almost) Back on Track


Dauntsey’s Third Formers have completed a week of adventure as the culmination of their annual Moonrakers programme.


There is usually a week-long camp in Wales but, due to Covid restrictions, the School developed a creative programme where the pupils were based at the School campus, each participating in four off-site adventures:

Sam Moore, Head of Adventure Education, Dauntsey’s, said:

“It’s a core belief at Dauntsey’s that the behaviours that make you successful in adventure are the same as those that make you successful in life.  If you’re willing to try new things, be both a follower and a leader, try hard, succeed and fail, it will help you in the classroom and beyond.

“We’re celebrating fifty years of Moonrakers this year and the goal of this week, and the whole Moonrakers programme, is to encourage and instil Adventurous Behaviour in the pupils.  In spite of having to run the adventures from School, we developed some challenges which required every pupil to find some courage, test themselves and trust their friends, in order to succeed.  After a difficult year for all of us, we provided an adventurous and exciting week full of challenge and personal development that the pupils enjoyed and will remember for years to come.”

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