Rohan describes his life as a boarder at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School


Duke of York’s Royal Military School

For me boarding has been a completely new experience – coming from home life with my parents to Dukies. Everything was new. The whole routine of getting up at 0630 in the morning, having breakfast at 0715 and so on was quite daunting. I didn’t know anyone here in the boarding house when I arrived but I soon established friends and got to know the routines. It’s been a lot of fun being a boarder with all the activities you get to do with your new friends at the weekend.


Duke of York’s Royal Military School

The best thing of all is that the boarding house is like one big family where everyone supports each other. My boarding house is all about friendships, spirit and having a good time. There are so many sports to choose from and try out. In the Autumn term we play rugby and in Lent term we play hockey. In the Summer term we do cricket, athletics and tennis. Clubs and activities and PE lessons mean we get to try out loads of new things like swimming, gymnastics, karate, fencing, climbing and squash. 

“I have been taught a valuable lesson every day at school and in my boarding house.”

I have learnt so much since I have been here and now know how to make a bed properly, polish my parade shoes and tie a tie. A couple of terms have passed since I first joined the school in September. It feels like just yesterday I was unpacking my bags, looking around my dorm and saying goodbye to my parents. Now I can finally understand the phrase ‘they grow up so fast’. Even though I got lost and forgot people’s names, the first day of being in boarding school was not as bad as I expected.

It felt like home just after a couple of days, with everyone in the house sitting down in the dayroom, talking about themselves and where they come from. We all had great fun getting to know each other and I have made some really good friends.

In my opinion, the lessons at boarding schools are essential in life. I have been taught a valuable lesson everyday whether it was at school or in my boarding house. I feel I have improved my grades since joining the school.

So far, my experience of being in boarding school has been great. This is because of all the friends I have gained, all the new things I have learnt and how uplifting other people can be in the boarding school.

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