Kilgraston pupils visit Torness Power Station

Posted: 21st May 2024

Last week, our Lower Fifth Physics and Chemistry students embarked on an exciting and educational journey to the Torness Nuclear Power Station. This high-security site offered a unique opportunity for the girls to delve into the world of nuclear power, starting with an extensive tour that took us through the control room, the reactors, and the turbine rooms. An unexpected highlight of our visit included watching the special nuclear police force in action as they carried out their training exercises.

After exploring the intricate systems of the power station, the staff from the Visitor Centre presented the girls with a stimulating STEM challenge: to design and construct a rollercoaster for a marble using only sheets of paper and tape. The goal was to create a rollercoaster where the marble would take the longest time to complete its journey. Our students embraced this task with enthusiasm, demonstrating their creativity and problem-solving skills as they crafted some remarkable designs.

The trip was not only fun but also incredibly informative, offering a deep insight into the workings of nuclear power. The girls returned with a greater appreciation of the science behind energy production and a memorable experience of practical application in a high-stakes environment.

Mr Young, Director of Science

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