Haberdashers’ Adams Degree Apprenticeship Success

Posted: 17th May 2024

Haberdashers’ Adams is thrilled to announce that six of their Year 13 students are holding offers for
degree apprenticeships at a number of prestigious companies. Mr Hickey, Headmaster, said: “The
pupils have all done incredibly well to secure such amazing opportunities at leading organisations.”

Degree apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for students to earn a degree while gaining
invaluable work experience. The benefits are manifold, providing students with a pathway to a degree,
while acquiring practical skills development, and a seamless transition into the workforce. They also
avoid the need to take on student debt, with companies offering generous remuneration packages.

Paige Gregory has secured a L7 degree apprenticeship in International Taxation & Transaction Services
at EY (Ernst & Young). She undertook work experience with EY during Year 12 which helped to fast
track her through the degree apprenticeship application process.

Degree apprenticeship applications are becoming increasingly competitive, as more and more young
people realise the value of them. The application process is time consuming and difficult; pupils are
required to complete online applications and tests, attend assessment centres and interviews. Mrs
Wilson, Head of Careers, explains: “Unlike the UCAS application system, which is designed around the
academic year, apprenticeship applications can take place at any time so pupils could be juggling exam
revision and coursework requirements alongside their apprenticeship applications.”

Archie Burrows and Mollie Edge are both taking up L6 degree apprenticeships in Supply Chain &
Procurement at JLR (Jaguar Landrover). After submitting online applications, they had to undertake a
series of online tests, submit video recordings of their answers to a series of questions and then deliver
a presentation.

Degree apprenticeships typically last between three to six years. The structure varies enormously but
normally involves 2-4 days hands on in the work place and 1-2 days studying, either at university or
online. By the end of the programme, graduates emerge equipped with the skills demanded by today’s
competitive job market, a respected degree and valuable professional connections.

Kamron Gill is taking up a L6 degree apprenticeship in Aerospace Engineering with BAE Systems while
Jayden Rakhra has a L6 degree apprenticeship in Network Engineering with Vodafone.

Mrs Wilson, Head of Careers, said: “These pupils could, and have in some cases, secured offers from
some of the top universities in the UK but they have all decided that they are ready for the workplace
and they want to start earning alongside gaining their degrees and avoid student debt. I’m confident
they will go on to make a wonderful contribution in their chosen fields and I look forward to following
their progress.”

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