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Posted: 11th December 2023

Educational Visits Coordinators (EVCs) are invited to join The EVC Register, a national register of trained EVCs. It’s free to be listed, and to view, and is the first central register of its kind.


The EVC Register enables EVCs to list their certification and share it with employers or others. EVCs can choose to add to their profile with skills, contact details and photos too.


Jake Wiid of EVOLVE Advice says: “The EVC Register helps to give EVCs the recognition they deserve and makes it easy for them to share their achievements. With many organisations taking an interest in the role of the EVC, we also wanted to create a simple way for employers such as schools, Trusts, and Local Authorities to be able to identify if a school has a suitably trained EVC in post.”


Over 50 school groups, Local Authorities and Trusts have already endorsed The EVC Register.


Over 3,700 EVCs have joined The EVC Register, which is open to anyone who has completed EVC training with a trainer who is either an OEAP Course Director (England and Wales) or SAPOE approved (Scotland). The aim is that all trained EVCs will join the register to provide a single source of reliable and current data on EVCs. The EVC Register is managed and administered by EVOLVE Advice, who also provide advice, support and training to schools related to educational visits. EVOLVE Advice are certified suppliers to the BSA Group.


Learn more about The EVC Register at https://www.evolveadvice.co.uk/evcregister.

EVCs can register, view and edit their profiles at theevcregister.com.

For more information, contact info@evolveadvice.co.uk.

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