Sponsored: Surval Montreux & Govox Wellbeing are setting new proactive standards in Student & Staff Wellbeing with a new technology partnership announced today.

Posted: 15th November 2023

Surval Montreux recently partnered with BSA Gold Partner – Govox Wellbeing, to enhance their whole school wellbeing strategy.  Having recently joined Surval Montreux, Shirley Mitchell is leading this new enhanced strategy.

On joining Surval Montreux as Vice Principal in September 2023, one of my main focuses is the whole school wellbeing. My goal is to ensure wellbeing is part of the culture of the school, not just something we wheel out for world mental health day or address once someone is already struggling.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to ensure there is a continual oversight of the wellbeing throughout the school in order to identify any patterns of concern. There are many wellbeing platforms available for use in schools and many of these were investigated before identifying Govox as the best fit for Surval.

The ability to tailor check-in questions for students, making it specifically relevant to our all-girls school and age group, a choice of when to prompt check in reminders and the ease of use were all things which appealed to us. One thing we particularly like is the ‘red flag’ function. We can choose to be notified if any student answers a question in a way which gives cause for concern, allowing us to take action immediately.


Something we have focused on is ensuring people are aware of the responsibility they have to look after their own mental health. It is, of course, important to provide help and support, however empowering our school community to understand they are in control of their own wellbeing is an exercise in long term coping strategies and resilience. Another function of Govox, is the personalised resources provided after each check in. The answers to the check in questions are analysed and useful links and resources are emailed to each individual in response to this.


Govox enables the support not only of the student community, but there is also a mirrored provision for staff. The wellbeing of our staff is paramount in embedding a whole school culture and often we are so focused on students that this takes a backseat. However, Govox allows Surval to place equal importance on every member of the school community, students, teachers, support staff, even out kitchen staff, housekeeping team and maintenance team, every member of the school is valued equally.

Another very exciting function is that we will be able to utilise this platform during our 6 week period of summer camps. It is very difficult to measure the wellbeing of a student who is often only here for a couple of weeks and this will enable us to monitor every camper and it is enormously reassuring for parents to know we have a measurable way to monitor the wellbeing of their child.


We have just completed the first round of check ins for students and staff and already it has yielded insight into patterns of thought and feeling across the school. I also really like the happiness index which provides a great snapshot of the general health of the school. 

We are excited to continue to build on the data Govox provides and to embed wellbeing into the culture of Surval and benefit from what that brings. The Learning Policy Institute says, ‘Schools that prioritise a nurturing culture witness a decline in behavioural issues and an increase in collaborative learning’.

Will we see this at Surval? Watch this space!”


To see how Govox is supporting BSA schools, you can take a complimentary Student or Staff Check In here


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