Army Officer Scholarship for Harry

Posted: 4th October 2023

Over the summer break, Year 13 pupil Harry CB received the news that he has been awarded a prestigious Army Officer Scholarship from The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

This will provide financial support for the completion of his A Level and university studies, and a guaranteed place for Army Officer Training upon the completion of his degree.

As part of the application process, Harry successfully completed multiple stages of assessment before being invited to complete the Army Office Selection Board in Westbury in July, where he spent three days completing interviews, essays, command tasks, psychometric tests, planning exercises, and a variety of fitness tests and group tasks.

Each year only around 50 pupils on average are awarded scholarships across the UK, making this achievement all the more impressive.

Harry commented: “It feels amazing to be offered such a brilliant opportunity and I’m really excited about the prospect of a career in the Army. I’m looking forward to the active lifestyle it will bring and having the opportunity to travel whilst leading a team.

“After my A Levels I’m hoping to study Politics and International Relations at Exeter before heading to Sandhurst. Having the security of a place at the Academy will really allow me to focus on my studies without worrying about the future.”

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