Posted: 12th July 2023

Boarding school scholarships are prestigious awards granted to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, talents, or other noteworthy qualities. These scholarships provide financial support to deserving students, enabling them to pursue an education at a boarding school and take advantage of the unique opportunities such schools offer.

Here are some key points about boarding school scholarships:

  • Scholarship Opportunities: Boarding schools often offer a range of scholarships to attract and support talented students. Scholarships can be based on academic excellence, leadership skills, artistic or athletic accomplishments, community service, or other specific criteria.
  • Application Process: To apply for a boarding school scholarship, students typically need to complete a scholarship application provided by the school. The application may require academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and evidence of achievements or talents.
  • Scholarship Benefits: Boarding school scholarships can cover various expenses, including tuition fees, boarding costs, textbooks, uniforms, and other necessary supplies. The scholarship amount and duration may vary depending on the specific scholarship and the policies of the school.
  • Scholarship Providers: Here are some resources where you can find information about boarding school scholarships:
    • Boarding School Websites: Many boarding schools have dedicated scholarship sections on their websites, providing details about the scholarships they offer, eligibility criteria, and application procedures. Visit the websites of specific boarding schools you are interested in to explore scholarship opportunities.
    • Educational Associations: Various educational associations and foundations focus on promoting quality education and may offer scholarships for boarding school students. National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) provides information about available scholarships and resources for finding scholarship opportunities.
    • Online Scholarship Databases: Websites like Fastweb, com, and Cappex maintain databases of scholarships available for students at various levels of education. You can search these databases specifically for boarding school scholarships or filter the results based on your preferences.
    • Local and Regional Organisations: Local businesses, community foundations, and philanthropic organisations in your area may offer scholarships for students to attend boarding schools. Research local resources, such as community bulletin boards, newspapers, or local education departments, to discover potential scholarship opportunities.

It is important to thoroughly review the eligibility requirements and application deadlines for each scholarship opportunity. It is also advisable to contact the admissions offices of specific boarding schools directly for any additional information or clarifications regarding their scholarship programs.

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