Exam success for ACS Cobham Advanced Placement students

Posted: 22nd November 2021

Originating in the US, AP is recognised as a prestigious post-16 qualification by universities worldwide, including 121 UK universities. ACS Cobham offers College Board AP courses and, unlike many exam boards in the UK and around the world this year, the College Board administered full length, externally-marked examinations in 2021.

This year, 195 Grade 12 students at the school took a total of 433 AP exams across 30 subjects, including European History and Physics. 79% of students achieved a score of three or more points out of five in at least one subject, meaning they are performing at a university-level standard and have gained college credit for that subject. 74 students received AP Scholar awards this year, which are awarded to outstanding students who score three or higher in three or more full-year AP subjects.

Students are able to gain AP qualifications as part of their ACS High School Diploma (US) alongside International Baccalaureate (IB) and /or High School courses, or as an additional diploma – the AP Capstone Diploma (APCD) or the AP International Diploma (APID).  Eight students chose to complete the APCD in 2021, with the number growing year on year.

A Class of 2021 graduate comments: “I feel very prepared for life at university and am confident in my abilities to balance several long­-term projects simultaneously. This is thanks to the many wonderful staff and teachers at ACS.”

Barnaby Sandow, Head of School, ACS Cobham, comments: “A huge congratulations to this year’s AP students. AP courses are rigorous and challenging, designed to ensure that students arrive at university already well prepared to thrive in their chosen subjects. Despite facing numerous hurdles as a result of the ongoing pandemic, our students have continued to demonstrate enormous resilience, working hard to succeed in their exams in exceptional circumstances. I wish all of our graduates the best of luck as they now progress to the next stages of their lives.”

For more information on ACS Cobham’s AP results 2021, please visit: https://www.acs-schools.com/acs-cobham-advanced-placement-ap-results-2021


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