Rossall Public Benefit and the Digital Echo Chamber

Posted: 8th November 2021

Recently, the School made a decision to end a longstanding commercial arrangement which was, in part, predicated by a rising student roll, potential safeguarding issues and the need to ensure a secure site for all young people within our community.

There is an inevitability that such decisions, however justified, may cause a very real sense of hurt and anguish. It would be foolish to ignore the natural sense of hurt that occurs in such circumstances and it is our responsibility to respond with compassion and understanding.

It must have been about six weeks ago that I was made aware of a challenging post on social media which referred to the above mentioned commercial decision. The comments underneath the post evidently reflected and amplified a very real sense of hurt. Nevertheless, it was clear to us that seeking to challenge or counter the inaccurate and inflammatory assertions of those who had written such comments would constitute nothing more than an exercise in futility. A point by point rebuttal would only have resulted in an endless tit-for-tat and prolonged the sense of pain for those who felt wronged.

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