Badminton School ensures children experience the love of reading and books

Posted: 4th November 2021

Like every educational establishment we believe that children should have the opportunity to enjoy reading. There is a magic in picking up a book and physically holding it – whether that be to lose yourself in a story or to find out more about a topic of interest. Sometimes the environment can make all the difference and that is why in the summer we investment in a complete refurbishment of our Junior School library. The library is now a space of calm and peacefulness and it has been wonderful to see it full of pupils; reading or snuggling down in one of the comfy reading areas and lose themselves for just a quiet moment in a busy day.

Helen Taylor, Assistant Head and English Coordinator said “We are so lucky to have this wonderful, refurbished library in which the pupils can enjoy reading. The timetabled library slot in a busy week gives pupils the environment and time to not just choose a book but also to share their enthusiasm with others. Reading is definitely ‘cool’ here! Our older pupils have the responsibility of being librarians, their passion for the new space and books is evident in their approach and dedication to looking after the library”.

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