Posted: 14th September 2021

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to School and an especially warm welcome to all of the new families who now form part of our vibrant community.

I think that Monday of this week was possibly one of my favourite days to date at Rossall. The sense of excitement and anticipation was palpable, as we embarked on an academic year that feels as though we have just emerged from a lengthy hibernation. Alas, we know that is not the case, with pupils, parents and staff having worked so hard over the last 18 months. Whilst we know we are not out of the woods and that our ‘normal’ is not quite so yet, there has been a shift in the overall feel of how we tackle the obstacles that we face. In the middle of it all are our wonderful children who, despite everything they have endured, have returned so happy and excited about all of the positive elements of their lives, with School playing such a central role.

Throughout the course of this week, we have come together as a Prep School in ways that we have so sorely missed. It was such a delight to speak to the Prep School as one in assemblies, without the need for technology. The importance of handing out certificates in person and seeing smiling and happy faces can never be underestimated. Our new pupils have settled in wonderfully well and a special mention must go to the Reception children, who despite my offer to not attend assemblies in their first week, have been at everyone and have already learnt how to sit and listen; quite incredible!

Please have a look at some of the amazing activities that the children have been enjoying in our further news and photographs section. Whilst on photographs, comb your hair and straighten that tie for Monday, as our annual individual and siblings pictures are back!

The story of this year is yet to unfold and I am positive that it will throw us some hurdles to overcome. However, from watching and listening to the staff, children and parents, I know that we will meet the challenges we face together as one community.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Turner

Headmaster of Preparatory School & Nursery

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