Trent College Launches Unique One Year GCSE Programme to International Boarders

Posted: 23rd February 2021

Students undertaking the One Year Programme will take examinations in up to 9 GCSE subjects depending on their academic and English (spoken/written) profile. The programme is unique and tailored to the needs of each individual with Trent College staff ensuring that each student’s programme is ideally matched to their academic profile. 

The programme covers a range of core subjects including English, mathematics, modern foreign languages and science. In addition, students can also choose subjects including geography, history, Latin, business studies, music, religious studies and classical civilization. 

International students at Trent College are fully integrated into every aspect of school life, living and working alongside students from across the UK. During the programme students can participate in an all-round programme of activities that cater for all levels of ability in sport, music, drama and the arts. 

Students can take part in a specific programme of events which include formal dinners, comedy nights, charity fundraising events, cinema nights, home cooking and opportunities to socialise with friends. 

To ensure that all international students have the best possible experience during their stay, Trent College works in close partnership with families to ensure that every child benefits from the best programme for their needs. 

A limited number of places are available on the programme which will see individuals joining current Year 11 students as they embark on their final year of study prior to sitting their GCSEs. 

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