Teamwork gets Stamford pupils back in the classroom

Posted: 12th June 2020


As schools across the UK face severe logistical challenges in reopening for pupils, the state and independent schools sectors are working together in Stamford to ensure that local Year 6 children can return safely to the classroom.

Malcolm Sargent Primary School has around 400 pupils currently eligible to return to school, all of whom need to be accommodated in small groups of no more than 15, and the school’s own campus is not large enough to house all of the pupils and staff safely.

One group of a dozen students has now been given exclusive use of a teaching block at Stamford School, and the children will attend each day to learn with their own teacher.

Nick Gallop, Head of Stamford School, said: “With maximum class sizes set at half their normal capacity, primary schools all over the country are facing enormous challenges in accommodating pupils in line with Government guidance. Schools not only need twice the normal number of classrooms and staff, but they are facing real issues in being able to provide enough outdoor space for all of these groups to play and exercise safely. I am delighted that we have been able to accommodate this group of pupils from Malcolm Sargent, and we are keen to offer any help and support we can to help all pupils in Stamford to get back to school as quickly and safely as possible.”

Tristan Revell, Principal of Malcolm Sargent Primary School, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the support that has been offered by our local secondary schools: Casterton College, Stamford Welland and of course the Stamford Endowed Schools. This is a unique and invaluable opportunity for these Year 6 pupils which will help them enormously at the end of an unprecedented academic year.

“It is an important milestone in our “reset” plan to expand our current provision from 250 pupils on site currently, to offer all remaining pupils time in school before the end of term.

“We are contending with the twin pressures of physical & staff space as we have to accommodate children in small “pod” groups, this assistance will help alleviate the former of these pressures on us, in turn also allowing further pupils to return to school- thank you! This partnership shows the strength of the Stamford community in coming together to meet this national challenge.“

The Stamford Endowed Schools have already welcomed back Nursery, Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 pupils, and are preparing to open for Years 10 and 12 from Monday next week.


Stamford pupils back in the classroom











Stamford pupils back in the classroom

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