Dauntsey’s Jolie Brise wins the ASTO Small Ships Race

Posted: 2nd December 2019

Florence, a Sixth Former from Dauntsey’s, who helped crew the ship, said:

“It was an amazing opportunity to participate in this event.  I had done a couple of longer cruises around Norway and Denmark on Jolie Brise but this was my first chance to be in an official race.

“On the morning of the race, we finished preparations and headed to the start line.  It was magical to see all the boats sailing alongside each other and so inspiring to watch them head off, not just as an onlooker but as an involved crew member. Despite the lack of wind, we were determined to proceed in the race, working hard to navigate the difficult sailing conditions.

“When we worked together, we were able to gain some speed by manually pushing the boom out.  This put us at a much greater advantage over the other teams and we raced ahead.  We ended up winning as a result of our perseverance, while a lot of the other crews gave up, something we were commended for at the awards ceremony later that evening.”

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