Staff cycle to “France” for Save the Children charity

Posted: 30th September 2019

Staff Charity Cycle Ride

The “Staff Charity Fitness Challenge”, which involved cycling on a static gym bike in the front of school, commenced as the sun rose on Friday morning, finishing some 392km and 12 hours later. The aim was to cycle to “France” non-stop, with staff members pedalling as far as they could in their 30 minute time slots, only stopping to hand over to the next team member. An additional bike was set up for any extra staff or students who wanted to show their support and ride along.

Tim Thompson, PE Teacher and Head of Strength and Conditioning at Taunton School organised the event. He said: “A few years ago a few students completed a marathon row for charity. Unfortunately I was injured and couldn’t join them so I wanted to do something similar. Throughout the year, students do so much charity work, so I thought it’s time the staff do something.”

Staff managed to raise more than £320 for Save the Children, with more donations still coming in.

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