Gordon’s School triumphs with The Addams Family 2015

Posted: 17th September 2015

With a chorus of dead people, a fat bald uncle who flies to the moon, a butler who doesn’t speak, and complicated technical effects, pupils and staff of Gordon’s School made The Addams Family production for Camberley Theatre their biggest and most adventurous show yet. Audiences packed the theatre and staff and pupils enjoyed working in a professional venue. With more than 70 pupils involved both on and off stage it was clear that talent was to be found in every aspect of the show. The remarkable cast of young performers acting ‘dead’ put much effort and imagination into their deathly costumes. Pupil talent extended beyond the stage, with several supporting either in the band or as part of the crew. Pupils from all year groups worked together, developing and rehearsing the production, and making lasting friendships as a result. There was also a fantastic music team co-directing the production, and of course the enthusiasm and efforts of many staff members.

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