Schools with a military history


Several schools in the UK have a military history, for example, Queen Victoria School (QVS), The Duke of York’s Royal Military School (DOYRMS), The Royal Hospital School (RHS), Pangbourne College and Gordon’s School. All these schools maintain their military connections and are proud of their military background. Apart from Queen Victoria School, they welcome applications from boarders without a military connection, although many boarders come from Service families. 


These schools have a strong Combined Cadet Force (CCF). Each school will have different entry points for the CCF and different lengths of time a boarder is a member of the CCF. You can clarify this on your visit to the school. Because the military has such strong music traditions, these schools are also strong in music and not just in their military bands.

As with choosing any school, boarders and their families should ensure they have all the information they need about the school. Initial research can be undertaken on the school’s website and you will want to visit the school. Before the visit, you should draw up a list of questions specific to the school. 

Schools with a military history have strong reputations, but you need to ensure the school is right for your child’s skills and interests.

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