Choosing state boarding

Jonathan Taylor, Executive Principal of Wymondham College State boarding schools are often described as ‘education’s best kept secret’. Certainly I meet many prospective parents who have found the sector almost by chance and who once introduced are impressed by the range of facilities, types of school and examination results across our schools. State boarding is available to […]


An education that remains once school is completed

Education Opportunities

Irfan Latif, Head Master of Sexey’s School State boarding is often described as education’s ‘best kept secret’ and it’s hardly surprising. Strong pastoral care, outstanding exam results, a huge range of enrichment opportunities and an all-round holistic approach to education are the cornerstones of state boarding schools up and down the country. State boarding schools […]


State boarding schools

State Boarding

If you are considering boarding, a state boarding school may be an option. As always, it is important to do your research and above all, see the school in action before you make any choice. State boarding schools provide free education but charge fees for boarding. Some state boarding schools are run by local councils […]


What can financial and educational organisations learn from each other?

Educational Organisations

Nick Wergan, Headteacher of Steyning Grammar School At first glance there seems to be little similarity between the worlds of finance and school leadership. They might both be about investment – the first more literal and the second more holistic – but if we put aside the obvious difference in purpose and outcome, there is […]


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