The advantages of starting boarding in a preparatory school

Ludgrove School

Simon Barber, Headmaster of Ludgrove School Boarding in a prep school brings a wonderfully diverse range of advantages, most importantly the amount of fun the children have. You only have to see the smiles on their faces and the excitement of planning what to do with their free time, to realise just how much boarding […]


The popularity of prep school boarding

– James Hanson, Headmaster of Aldro School ‘You warned me this might happen!’ Some headmasters might dread a parent coming to see them and uttering that statement. However, I smiled inwardly as this particular mother told me the story that I had been quietly anticipating would come at some point in the future. ‘My other […]


Boys only? The case has never been stronger

Boys Only Boarding

Rob Morse, Headmaster of Aysgarth School Single-sex education is often misunderstood. Critics are quick to lay claim to discrimination and to suggest it produces individuals who lack confidence around the opposite sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. Single-sex education is not about pitting boys against girls – it is centred on providing environments […]


Why an all-girls’ prep school is ‘girl heaven’

Girls Prep

Robin Gainher, Head of Knighton House School In recent years, the world has changed and so have expectations for girls. Girls grow into women who are expected to balance many different roles later in life. I believe we can give girls the best start by educating them in the right way as they grow up, […]


Home from home – the key to quality pastoral care in a boarding environment

Home From Home

Paddy Moss, Headmaster of Dean Close Preparatory School Quality pastoral care is key to the personal development of children. A happy and secure child is more likely to succeed in the full range of experiences offered to them during their formative years. In a successful school, pastoral care and academic life work together effectively in […]


Junior boarding – a positive experience


Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn, Headmaster of the Dragon School, Oxford Boarding for children ages 8 to 13 appeals to families for many reasons. These range from excellent preparation for transition to senior school, to practical family reasons such as busy professional lives leading to frequent moves or postings abroad. In some cases, even the ‘Harry Potter’ […]


Why board at a country prep school?

Simon Hitchings, Head of Swanbourne House School As we see our children growing up, we all look back at our own childhood and compare it with the experience of the rising generation. The balance of the comparison may swing either way in our minds. The world has undoubtedly advanced for the better in so many […]


Choosing a boarding prep school – in Scotland!

– Henry Knight, Headmaster of Belhaven Hill School The modern boarding prep school has enjoyed a bout of ‘Hogwarts’ popularity since the ‘Harry Potter’ films. Many children now envisage boarding as a ‘magical’ time spent with friends while enjoying many adventures. In today’s modern boarding school this is nearer the truth than one might imagine […]


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