The boarding adventure of a lifetime

Boarding Adventure

Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive, Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) While boarding may not be right for every child, it’s clearly the right choice for the 75,000 boarders at over 550 independent and state boarding schools in the UK. Otherwise they would not be there. The average size of a town in the UK is 20,000 people. So […]


Fees – finding them

Boarding Fees

Andrew Ashton, Bursar of Radley College All boarding schools charge fees, but these vary depending on the type of school and boarding requirements. Here are some typical costs (per term) for 2017 (ISC Census, 2017). In state boarding schools, tuition is paid for by the state. Extras can add considerably to the bill (perhaps up […]


Fees – where do they go?


Fees – where do they go? Andrew Ashton, Bursar of Radley College Parents contemplating school bills have often found them difficult to fathom. Increases in school fees have several causes. First, there are the inevitable salaries and employee benefits for academic and administrative staff. Second, and most recently, national insurance increases and employer teachers’ pension increases […]


Shared life under a common roof

Shared life under a common roof Tony Little, former Head Master of Eton and Honorary President, Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA), 2015–16 As Robert Frost pointed out a century ago, there are times in life to pursue the road not taken. The analogy was apt for me in 2015, as one path I had walked for many […]


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